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Hello everyone,

If you are reading this it’s probably because know the importance of capturing the moments in your life that you want to remember forever.

KS Photography is a father-daughter photography team, from the charming city of Winters, CA.

Ken Stewart is the man behind the camera. He started learning about the art of photography, 25 years ago, when his first child was born. As a father of four, Ken understands that time doesn't stand still. In a blink of an eye that little baby you brought home is taking their first step, catching their first baseball, trying on their first tutu, graduating high school, going off to college and starting a family of their very own. As Ken began taking photos of these events for his own family; friends, co-workers, members of the community and family began hiring him to capture the precious moments in their lives. Ken’s hobby soon turned into a small family business. Ken is an extremely talented and qualified photographer, but lacks the time to market himself, communicate and build relationships with his customers.

That is where I come in.

Hi my name is Sydney Andrade. I am the Ken’s oldest child, so you could say that I am the reason your social pages get blown up with amazing photos every week. No but really, ask any of my brothers who has the most photos displayed in our parents house, hehehe, sorry guys. I grew up in Winters, CA. I graduated from preschool and high school with the same people, played sports with the same people and hung out with all the same people my entire childhood. It blows my mind to think that there are schools that have enough students where they could potentially meet someone new everyday! I didn’t appreciate the small town feel when I was growing up and, like so many of my peers, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Now that I am married and have a brand new baby of my own, I appreciate and miss the tight knit community that I was raised in. I visit Winters every chance I get and I hope to reside in Winters again someday, although Vacaville really isn't that far. I just recently graduated from Grand Canyon University, with a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing. I will be managing the social media accounts, website, promotions, donations and most importantly, I will be the person that gets to connect and interact with all of you! I am so excited that I was finally able to convince my dad into letting me market his amazing talent and I can’t wait to help you capture the moments in your life that you want to look back on forever.

Until next time,

Sydney Andrade

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